Web Basics
Domain Name

   We do not sell domain name registration. We can register a domain for you, or you can purchase one yourself. We use sesveral BASE LEVEL registrars that provide a quality service at a reasonable price. We do NOT use the bargain basement registrars as it has been our observation that there are always problems with them. A good registrar and knowledge of the process can help you avoid problems down the road. We can also use a domain you already own but unless there is a good reason not to, we ALWAYS transfer it to a quality registrar for our management. Depending on your current registrar, there may or not be financial considerations that you may not know of. We do not retain ownership of the domain names; they belong to you. We will manage the domain and handle the DNS operations to optimize the exposure of the site and the visibility of the content.

What is a domain name?

   A domain name is the physical simple address of a particular website on the internet. For example, CSGWebhost.com is the domain name for this website. However, each simple name has a numeric representation of the address. A DNS or Domain Name Server translates the domain name into an IP address, so that computers can find the website located at the particular domain name.

Website Hosting

   Web Hosting, or Internet Hosting, is the service of providing storage accessible via the internet. A customer's website information is stored on a Server that is maintained by the Host company. In our case, the information is freely accessible to the public in the form of a webpage. Every time information is downloaded from the host, (i.e. Someone views the customers website), the server logs that information and records how much was viewed and by whom; we retain records of that activity that you can use in marketing plans. The amount of information transferred from the server to a viewer is referred to as bandwidth. Web hosts typically charge for storage space on the server (measured in bytes) and the amount of bandwidth used each billing period.

Website Design

   The website design is most commonly recognized as the "webpage" itself. It is the look and feel of the website but most of the functionality of the website is under the text and pictures. The design is arguably the most important aspect of the webpage, second only to the actual information and/or service provided by the page. From the navigation plan to the colors and layout choices, the design of a page can be a daunting task. A Website is traditionally built using HTML. However, there are options...

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