Web Essentials
Past the Basics

   After all the basics of a website are satisfied, there is still a lot of work to be done before a website can enter the competitive market. A website that has high visitor traffic, has high rankings on the search engines. Ranking high on search engines requires preparation and planning, not to mention creative ways to get information viewed by the search engine robots so that it is more attractive than your competitor's information. A website has to be submitted, and approved before it can even qualify for inclusion into the search engine's database. Once people have started to visit a website they have to be able to get around it, easily find what they are looking for and get in contact with the company. Navigation solutions often include coding that goes beyond HTML. There are many different languages that web browsers understand and can then display for your viewers. The one that is best for one site is not always the best for another. We review all the particular factors and make the decision based on our knowledge of thousands of site. If your site has need of anything automated, and requires scripts to be written to handle that process, we do that as well, either at the browser lever or the server level. If products are being sold on the website, secure Ecommerce software and the ability to take credit cards and other forms of payment over the internet are a must.

In Summary

      Many companies use templates to build website; we don't. Every customer is individual and so should their website appear. Many companies provide the tools, as do we. We also supply the knowledge and the manpower. These are some of the tool structures we provide in our hosting environment; they are not unlike other companies but could you use them on your own to the fullest capability? Could you make better use of your time?

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    Registration Forms
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    Javascript Programs
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